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Devine Holdings President
Kingdom Builders Investment
As a humanitarian ministry and outreach company; our mission is to help develop new companies with likeminded people who’s sole objective is to build a united nation of help, health, and happiness. We will help these companies provide economic growth, develop new jobs and programs throughout the United States of America.

Devine Holdings & KingDomBuilders are nonprofit Humanitarian ministry Organization who sole purpose is to help other organization develop their companies that will provide Job's for non workers lower unemployment, by  funding stimulus program that will develop economic growth... In association with world wide ministry Giant NB88, KingDomBuilders & Devine Holdings has Receive many Business plan's that need support for funding and ,Management .Our ministry's will oversea the operations of those companies make sure they are thriving and providing goods and services for there business operations.
 DevinesHoldings, JM&J,KingDomBuilders like minded company's working together to help put people back to work  . No one person works harder for your dreams than yourself…now imagine a company that will work hard to support your  dreams.   
Over 20 years promotional experience in the urban music sector.  Knowledgeable in all aspects of urban marketing relative to consumer products and the music and fashion industries.  Resourcefulness in exposing products to specialized markets. 

               Urban Gold Music                                                                                                                    New York, NY
                Chief Executive Officer                                                                                                12/2004 to Present
Oversee the Marketing and Promotions department; create budgets and reports.
Responsible for national marketing and promotional campaigns of artists; secure national airplay at various radio stations.
Approve budgets, oversee payroll and provide accurate distribution and release dates.
Manage audio and visual recordings including music videos for promotional usage and airplay.
Allocate and delegate funds for all departmental projects and promotional purposes.

Warner Brothers Records                                                                                                       New York, NY
East Coast Field Promotions Manager                                                                     9/2003 to 10/2004
Provide promotional exposure at all retail accounts throughout the Tri-State area.
Set up merchandising displays, counter top cassette displays, in-store play, and compile retail contest weekly sales report.
Check inventory at all chain stores, sound scan and retail accounts.
Made weekly phone calls and create mailings to all retailers, coordinate promotional retail tours and set up autograph signing sessions.
Phone all one-stops on new releases and provide order numbers and bios to all retailers.
Develop rotation at all program mix shows for college and major radio stations.  Service independent disc jockeys, tape masters and record pools.
Worked with Eric Benet, Madonna, and Jaheim.
MCA/Universal Records                                                                                                        New York, NY
Account Service Representative                                                                                     1/1992 to 9/2002              
Obtained airplay for various artists at major radio stations, college radio and independent stations and exposed new product to major record pools.
Monitored product placement at retail chain stores in the northeast region and serviced all independent tape masters and disc jockeys.
Set up promotional tours and arranged performances at local nightclubs and concert halls.  Used promotional expertise to coordinate exposure of artists based on genre of music.
Set up merchandising displays at “Mom and Pop” retail stores and one-stop distributors.

Cardiac/Virgin Records                                                                                                          New York, NY
Marketing & National Radio Street Promotion Manager                                   2/1989 to 12/1991
Provided national retail accounts with promotional items for the purpose of artist exposure.
Serviced all national record pools, radio stations, local video television shows, billboard reporting disc jockey pools, clubs, sound scan retail accounts and national secondary radio stations.

Motown Records                                                                                                                     New York, NY
East Coast Regional Promotion Manager                                                                  8/1988 to 8/1990
Obtained airplay at R&B reporting stations, college radio and secondary radio stations in the northeast region.  Set up interviews at various media venues and organized in-store signing sessions for artists’ new releases.
Set up live remote performances at clubs, parks, high schools and retail record pools.
Oversaw retail promotion, product placement at chain retail and independent stores.

MCA Records                                                                                                                          New York, NY
Assistant Radio Promotional Executive                                                                      8/1986 to 8/1988
Obtained airplay at college level and secondary radio stations. Serviced retail accounts with promotional and merchandising items.
Set up in-store autograph signing sessions.
Produced weekly chart reports and sales information.  Created displays for promotional performances.

Chaney State University                                                                                                        Harrisburg, PA
Major: Communications

CUNY: Lehman College                                                                                                               Bronx, NY
License/Certification: Video & Television Production for Bronxnet Television

            C.E.O Kingdombuilders & Devineholdings
                ASCAP Member
            President of the Pocono Film Festival

                Furnished upon request 

Roland Russell R.I.AA. awards for sales and marketing accomplishments

Mr., Roland Russell 20 years’ career as promotional manager for MCA universal music was full of great success! The following is a list of sales an awards issues to Mr. Russell from the R.I.A.A.

  •  Jody Watley, “Looking for a new love” MCA (Platinum, RIAA)
  •  Bobby Brown “King of Stage” MCA (Platinum, RIAA)
  •  Klymaxx e Ladies Room” MCA (Platinum, RIAA)
  •  Ready for the World “Long Time Coming” MCA (Platinum, RIAA)
  •  The Jets “The Jets” MCA (Platinum, RIAA)
  •  New Edition “Blue Moon” MCA (Platinum, RIAA)
  •  New Edition “NE Heartbreak” MCA (2X Platinum)
  •  Jodeci “Love Always” Uptown/MCA (4X Platinum, RIAA)
  •  Heavy D. “Large and In Charge” Uptown MCA (Platinum RIAA)
  •  Eric B. & Rakim “Follow the Leader” Uni/MCA (Platinum, RIAA)
  •  Guy feat. Teddy Riley MCA (Platinum, RIAA)
  •  Shi “Shi” Gasoline Alley/MCA (Platinum, RIAA)
  •  Aaron Hall “Aaron Hall” Silas (Platinum, RIAA)
  •  Chante Moore “Love is Taking Over” Silas (2X Platinum, RIAA)
  •  Dangerous Minds Soundtrack MCA (Platinum, RIAA)
  •  Gladys Knight and The Pips “All Our Love” MCA (Gold, RIAA)
  •  Pebbles “Pebbles” MCA (2X Platinum, RIAA)
  •  Bobby Brown “My Prerogative” MCA (Platinum, RIAA)
  •  Bobby Brown “Bobby” MCA (Platinum, RIAA)
  •  Tales from The Hood Soundtrack MCA (Platinum, RIAA)
  •  Beverly Hills Cop Soundtrack 2 MCA (Platinum, RIAA)
  •  CB4 Soundtrack MCA (Platinum, RIAA)
  •  The Boys “Message from The Boys” Motown (Platinum, RIAA)
  •  Loose Ends “Stay” MCA (Platinum, RIAA)
  •  Nonchalant “Five O’clock” MCA (Platinum, RIAA)
  •  The Breakfast Club Soundtrack MCA (Platinum, RIAA)
  •  Colonel Abrams “Trapped” MCA (Gold, RIAA)
  •  Les Nubians “Les Nubians” Virgin (Gold RIAA)
  •  Father M.C. “Father M.C. Uptown/ MCA (Platinum, RIAA)
  •  Mary J. Blige “The 411” Uptown (Platinum, RIAA)
  •  Wrecks n Effects Wrecks MCA (4X Platinum, RIAA)
  •  Jahiem “Jahiem” Warner Bros. (2x Platinum RIAA)

T. Craig Adams
Treasury & Secretary Investment 
Devine Holdings Vise President
Kingdom Builders Investment

With more than 18 years of experience in collections T. Crige Adams of GLOBAL BUSINESS CAPITAL FUNDING EXCHANGE  (“GBCFX”) is one of the largest asset recovery agencies in the northeast region of the U.S.A,& the Tri State area of  N.Y,P.A.&N.J is one of the highest rated performers on its client scorecards. Subsidiary Solutions Financial Services,Inc, ("SFSI"), Global businesss capital funding exchange provides industry-leading asset recovery and customer relations management to blue chip clients throughout the nation. Solutions offers a track record of proven performance and servicing of than more  fifty different products for a variety of clients.
GBCFX's track record of performance spans more than fifty products including:
● Collection Services - credit cards, auto loans, marine, unsecured revolving debt, utilities, telecommunication and other consumer products
● Charged-Off Mortgage Collection Services - secured or unsecured charged off first and second mortgages and HELOCs
● Legal Management Services - pre-legal, skip tracing, attorney management, cease and desist, pending / post bankruptcy and probate services
● First Party / Customer Relationship Management - pre-fraud screening, inbound customer service, account activation, quality control monitoring, connect / disconnect services and pre-charge off collections
● Spend Management - invoice generation, approval routing, reconciliation, exception management, vendor payment and validation
Our Unique Approach
● Analytical algorithms evaluate multiple vectors and determine the optimal resolution based on a borrower’s situation and past performance.
● Behavioral science-based scripting engines capitalize on how people respond in compliance situations.
● Global operations put the right people on the right accounts at the right time.
The Benefits to You
● Optimized probability of higher resolution rates through the use of advanced predictive analytics
● Increased borrower compliance due to the exclusive use of psychological research in effective communication
● Consistent message delivery and increased scalability through proprietary scripting methods


Joe Spinoso C,E.O. Rabbit Investment
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Charlotte Lynch Cynitia Douglas
JM&J OutReach President   &  Holy Cross Church
My outreach program Minstry for Cleft Palste Children

Disabled United State Armforces Service Men & Women
A cleft palate is an opening in the roof of the mouth in which the two sides of the palate did not fuse, or join together, as the unborn baby was developing. Cleft lip and cleft palate can occur on one side (unilateral cleft lip and/or palate), or on both sides (bilateral cleft lip and/or palate). Because the lip and the palate develop separately, it is possible for the child to have a cleft lip, a cleft palate, or both cleft lip and cleft palate My outreach program JM&J will provide the funding for those organizations worldwide to help develope a cure and provide finacial assistence for those family curse with  this birth effect. 

Disabled Armforces Service Men & Women
JM&J''s  mission is to help provide Wounded Armservice men & women with the best medicial rehabilitation possible, so they can funcition as productive people for themselve and their family so they can  live active and healthy lives once again,Through financial support, health, nutrition, and recreational activities, our rservice men & women often find it difficult to ease back into their social lives successfully, JM&J will helps our service Men & women achieve their independences,  self esteem, and the  quality  of life most of our vetrens are forgotten and there contrbution  unnotice JM&J will help restore their confidence and love of family and self.



Ronnie Wright

Ronnie Wright Photographer & Author

Donate your commitment by contributing your time, energy and if available your financial assistance. Helping others brings good feelings to the giver and receiver of good deeds.  The power to change is yours; everyone can make a difference. By contributing to a greater cause in some way, everyone wins. Do your part to help create a better life… a better future… a better world. WE US ALL TOGETHER